Monday, May 14, 2012

La Maison Bleue: community health center

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May 8, 2012 :  Today we spoke to Catherine Mason of the Maison Bleue Park Extension.

The Maison Bleue is partly a health clinic and partly a community organization. Services include perinatal care and general family health care and early childhood stimulation. The idea is to provide the children with the greatest likelihood of success by addressing the needs of the family, so no one falls behind. This is based on Giles Julien's idea of social pediatrics. Social pediatrics includes all social determinants of health and treats children holistically. Maison Bleue works to address these same issues beginning at pregnancy. Families come to the Maison Bleue when pregnant and then have access to the clinics services until all children in the family are over 5 years old. Each family works with a team composed of a social worker, midwife, doctor, and a specialized educator, until they no longer require the services of the Maison Bleue. We spoke with some of the staff at La Maison Bleue to gain a better understanding of the organization and raise awareness about the multi-faceted work it does throughout the community.

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