Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fifth McGill Conference on Global Food Security

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October 30, 2012

Health On Earth was invited to the fifth McGill Conference on Global Food Security on October 16 - 18. This year, the conference focused on Food Prices and Political Instability. Professor Marc Bellemare of Duke University highlighted the major differences between high food prices and price volatility, their impact on global food insecurity, and policy implications of his research. Mr. Sergiy Zorya, Senior Economist in Agricultural and Rural Development of the World Bank, shed light on short and long term strategies, such as the social safety net, and challenges to alleviating poverty and improving food security. In addition, Mr. Bruce Moore, founding director of the International Land Coalition, spoke about the role of having access to land, the importance and ways to address inequality among small holder farmers in urban and rural communities.

The conference was once again a great success bringing experts from governments, donor organizations, the private sector, NGOs, and research institutes to elaborate the complex social dimensions that constrain polices and define opportunities for interventions.

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