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Women’s Health in the World’s Cities

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November 20, 2012

Increasing urbanization is a global phenomenon. However, women are more compromised than men due to gender inequalities, limited access to resources, and health services. This week, Ilana and Max, our new Health On Earth members, looked into the cases of homeless women in Montreal and women living in slum settlements in Nairobi.

They interviewed two women who are familiar with opportunities and challenges faced by women in urban settings. Ms. Caitlin Murphy, a social worker with St. Michael's Mission in Montreal, shared with us her emphasis on crisis prevention and intervention at the shelter.

Ms. Cassandra Cotton, a PhD Sociology student who carried out field work in the Korogocho and Viwandani slums in Nairobi, Kenya, spoke to us about the health issues faced by women in these areas, their causes, and potential solutions.

Caitlin and Cassandra also highlighted the social determinants of health, such as employment conditions and social capital, shape the distribution of power and resources at global, nation, and local levels. Moving forward, it will require more coherent policies and reorientation of the health sector, in collaboration with other stakeholders, towards reducing health and gender inequalities.

Thanks again to Caitlin and Cassandra for the insightful interviews!

You can download the November 20, 2012 episode or stream it in the player below:

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