Thursday, January 31, 2013

Could Insects be the Answer to the 'Food Crisis'?

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January 29, 2013

The practice of human consumption of insects, or anthropoentomophagy, is often pushed aside as abhorrent, and is seemingly avoided at all costs in our sterile Western twenty-first century. However, throughout the history of humans, and in 3,000 ethnic groups across 113 countries, eating insects is valued as one of the most efficient means of obtaining protein and other nutrients. The benefits economically, ecologically, and nutritionally are astounding, and offer a critical opportunity to move away from the unsustainable meat industry.

Tonight we will spoke with Jakub Dzamba, a student in McGill’s Ph.D. architecture program. Over the last four years he has focused on developing theory and technology for using insects as a future food source. He suggests that the food crisis expected in 2050, when 2 billion more people join our planet, will be more of a “meat” crisis, but he has a solution. Join us tonight as he discusses the 'cricket-reactor’ -- a device that would offer a new more hygienic and efficient way to mass-rear crickets that could be used to produce protein flour. Find out why you should join the 80 % world that already practices entomophagy. Chili fried crickets – Bon appetite!

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