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Medical Professionalism: Lesson learned from SARS

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January 15, 2013

Physicians today are experiencing frustration and stress as changes in the health care delivery systems in most countries threaten the very nature and values of medical professionalism. Dr. Ben Fong, who is an Australian trained doctor with experience of working in the public and private medical sectors in Hong Kong, shared with us how practitioners and medical doctors form the basis of patient-phsyican trust. With long working hours and constrained work space, doctors faces many challenges. Through his first-hand experience working as a health administrator during the SARS epidemic in 2003, he shared with us the fear of this 'unknown' disease back then and lesson learned from it.

Looking forward, Dr. Julie Chen, who is an assistant professor at the University of Hong Kong of the Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care, introduced how medical professionalism is being taught to students in the face of challenges working within the health care delivery system. Where Chinese and Western medicine are equally important, she pointed out doctors are no 'supermen' and gave us some valuable advice to maintain healthy mental state.

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