Tuesday, April 23, 2013

HIV/AIDS conference wrap-up

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April 16, 2013

This week, Man Wah Yeung and John Murray shared with us their experiences at two conferences on HIV/AIDS. Man Wah attended the 22nd annual Canadian Association for HIV Research (CAHR) in Vancouver, BC. The CAHR conducts research in basic science, clinical science, epidemiology/ public health, and social sciences. While John attended the 6th annual YTH Live (youth + tech + health) conference in San Francisco on the use of online and mobile tools and media to discuss and access health information, including on HIV. During our radio show, they discussed some aboriginal and youth's perspectives on HIV/AIDS.

As well, the Youth, the Arts, HIV, and AIDS Network (YAHAnet) showcased some webisode contest submissions in addressing gender stereotyping in the AIDS response.

You can download the April 16, 2013 episode or stream it in the player below:

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