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What about being raised by deaf parents?

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August 6, 2013

Follow by last week's interview with Jack from Seeing Voices Montréal, Lorraine interviewed Pam and Cindy. Pam and Cindy are sisters born and raised in New York from deaf parents, but they are not deaf. Their parents were born deaf due to the effect of German Measles (Rubella) before birth. Most people may have thought a deaf family would be incredibly quiet. In fact, Cindy expressed it could get very loud because deaf patients cannot control their vocal volume. As kids who are raised by deaf parents, Pam and Cindy expressed some of their challenges and lessons learned growing up from this background. Since they learned to be more patient and responsible at a young age, the two sisters aspire to participate in social service sector. They also gave us some advice for those of us interacting with deaf people for the first time.

After the interview, we played a snippet of First Nations drum music from the Kahnawake Powwow 3 weeks back. Annie interviewed Tribal Spirit Music, a rising First Nations band. They reinvented the traditional Powwow music with dubstep! Their song Sisters ft Northern Voice is an absolutely refreshing remix. Enjoy!

You can download the August 6, 2013 episode or stream it in the player below:

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