Tuesday, September 17, 2013

University Global Health Impact Report Card

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September 17, 2013
The University Global Health Impact Report Card is a research initiative published this April by Universities Allied for Essential Medicines studying the role of the top 54 research institutions in Canada and the United States, and their contribution to global health initiatives. The publication quantified universities on 3 aspects:
  1. Innovation: Looking at the amount of neglected disease research and funding using public databases
  2. Access: Looking at the legal policies present within universities, especially technology transfer policies
  3. Education: Access to education resources regarding Global Health, such as courses, conferences, etc.
Daniel and Annie sat down with the organization to discuss this project, as well as the role of universities in the global health sphere. Stay tuned for the end of the show regarding 10 free passes to the Public Lecture of McGill's Conference on Global Food Security (5 pm, October 8th)!

You can download the September 17, 2013 episode or stream it in the player below:

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