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Computational Pathology

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September 24, 2013

This week, Rafiya took a brief look at some topics in the future of computerized medicine. First, we heard from Dr. Andrew Beck, professor at Harvard and the lead researcher of a team of Stanford researchers, who in 2011 created a program called C-Path that was trained to assess breast cancer pathology using images of cancer cells to identify their prognostic features. C-Path proved to be slightly better than human pathologists in assessing the prognosis of a sample of tissue images different from the ones used to train it. Finally, C-path found that the most predictive features were found in the cells surrounding the tumour.
We also discussed computerized medicine as it relates to the future of genomic medicine. Today, according to the National Human Genome Research Institute, it still costs close to $10,000 to have your genome sequenced. But the problem isn't simply the cost- it's the relative value of knowing your gene sequences. Although all the machinery and data exists, waiting to show you your genetic flaws, it seems that so far it has required humans to establish meaning, because this data won’t just interpret itself. Or will it?

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