Tuesday, November 12, 2013

An integrative approach to Global Health

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November 12, 2013

Global Health is the intersection between social, mental, and physical health of communities in the world. Recognizing natural disasters, inequality in access to health services, and epidemics, many students decide to pursue further studies in medicine, master's in global health, or other disciplines in social sciences. Despite there are many challenges, it creates opportunities in engaging minds across scientific disciplines to work on solutions that could lead to break through advances in the world. This week, Lorraine interviewed Professor Anja Krumeich of Maastricht University, Professor Andrea Bauman of McMaster University, and Professor Ramachandra Kamath of Manipal University to learn about their approach to global health issues. Alongside Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand, the four universities has a joint master's program that unite young professionals from different academic backgrounds across the globe. Instead of classifying global health issues into categories, the program encourages students to look at the interconnectedness of global health issues. The program employs problem based learning method that stimulates student to take an active role and read widely in the learning process. Professor Krumeich and Professor Bauman finds the integrative approach particularly important as global health is a domain that requires collaboration among professionals. Lorraine also had the opportunity to interview some mature students in the program. These students find the interdisciplinary approach particularly value-added as it provokes them to think about the complex relationships among politics, economic development, technology, and religion at a global scale.

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