Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Healthcare Innovations

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December 10, 2013

There's no shortage of brainy ideas. In the field of healthcare, we're dying for innovations. From heart-stopping price tags for life-saving machines to cancer information at our fingertips, healthcare is delivered in many different ways across the globe. In this segment, Lorraine interviewed Dr. Nitika Pai of McGill University on her project 'Self testing for HIV in South Africa", Ms. Jessica Ladd - founder of Sexual Health Innovations - on strategies for addressing the spread of sexually transmitted infections in the United States, and Professor Federica Angeli of Maastricht University about inter-firm knowledge flow in India's healthcare sector.

Even though there are prevention strategies for HIV, the social stigma to get tested, embarrassment, and shame remains as a barrier tackling HIV worldwide. Dr. Nitika Pai believes HIV self test can improve access to screening - similar to pregnancy test but with oral samples - by providing a preliminary result to be confirmed at the clinic. Her team recently published a journal article on the efficacy of the test.

In the same vein, we interviewed Jessica Ladd, who is the founder of Sexual health Innovations, a Non-Profit Organization in the United States facilitating the 'sex talk' and bringing partners of diagnosed individuals in for HIV test and treatment. She created a website "So They Can Know" that targets young adults 15-24 years old who are diagnosed with STI to provide them with tips to inform their partners. The partner notification service includes phone, text message, and email with relevant health information and location of testing services nearby. If you're interested in Jessica's work, you can listen to her Ted Talk on "Creating an STD-free generation" and "Sex and Passion".
Other than sexual health, we also interviewed Professor Federica Angeli who researches on how the Indian health care system cope with increasing chronic conditions. She looks into how India can offer cheap healthcare while being socially responsible. She also discussed the inter organizational linkages (specialists referrals) between formal and informal sectors.

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