Friday, January 17, 2014

Mobile technology for pregnancy care in India

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January 7, 2014


On this week's show, I speak with Stella Luk, country director for the India office of Dimagi, a company that expands innovative technology to creatively support global health and development in under-served communities.

 Stella, holding a background in computer science and law, is working on projects in India that implement mobile technology to help pregnant women and newborns stay healthy. In particular, she tells us about a point-of-care application that helps community health care workers to check up on pregnant women in a community and keep them on track for health standards for successful deliveries.

Stella also speaks about Dimagi's approach to technological solutions. She clarifies the importance of "designing under the mango tree", an expression that indicates the importance of searching for solutions not based on their technical sophistication, but rather those that are practical and relevant to the community that they are aimed to assist. One of Dimagi's tools is the CommCare application - a free framework that allows NGO's to create versatile applications for public health delivery.

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