Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bill 52: Dying with Dignity

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February 04, 2014

 This week, Rafiya and Ryan spoke with Julien Simard regarding Bill 52: the "Dying with Dignity" legislation that aims to allow doctors to help some terminally ill patients end their lives.

This past week, the Menard Committee, commissioned by the government of Quebec to study the impact of the bill, released a 400-page report that concluded that the province can proceed with its legislation and circumvent the Canadian Criminal Code.

Many critics of the bill fear that changing the law could lead to negative changes in the doctor-physician relationship, or could prove detrimental to the healthcare institution and its attitude toward ill patients. In this show, Julien, a researcher in anthropology and palliative care, spoke with us about some of the social implications of medical aid to die.

You can download the February 04, 2014 episode or stream it in the player below:

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