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Criminalization of HIV

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May 20, 2014

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Criminalization of HIV refers to the application of the criminal justice system to nondisclosure, exposure, or transmission of HIV from infected person(s). Despite important advances in prevention and treatment of HIV, public stigma, rather than current scientific and medical knowledge, too often fuels policy decisions and interpretation of related laws. There are two main reasons offered for criminalizing HIV transmission, to “punish harmful conduct by imposing criminal penalties, and prevent HIV transmission by deterring or changing risk behaviors”. The problem is that except in rare cases, when HIV transmission is intentional, applying criminal law to HIV transmission does not serve these goals. At present we are experiencing an unprecedented number of cases of criminalization of HIV within Canada, with Canada having the highest number of prosecutions per capita in the world.

To find out more, Sarah Hosseini spoke with Danielle Chard, a medical student currently occupying the position of National Officer of Sexual and Reproductive Health within the Canadian Federation of Medical Students. They spoke about the current Supreme Court of Canada guidelines on this topic, arguments against the criminalization of HIV, appropriate recommendations that could be suggested to modify the Canadian guidelines, and more. 

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