Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Employment-health of Migrant Women in Grand Erie

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June 10, 2014

The employment health of immigrants in rural regions of Canada is an emerging area of research. One crucial policy influencing this is the Provincial and Territorial Nominee program, which aims to balance the demographic distribution of immigrants throughout Canada. This has had the effect of increasing the population growth in medium-sized communities such as Grand Erie, a mid-sized community in Southwestern Ontario with a population of 237, 339.

This week Vivienne spoke with Bharati Sethi, who joined in via telephone to talk about employment-health relationships in migrant and refugee women from Korea, Asia, Africa, Japan, Arab world and Latin America (KAAJAL) living in the Grand Erie area, where 12% of the population is represented by immigrants. 

On April 4th of this year Bharati launched her Photovoice exhibit, entitled “Do you see what I see?”, which is community-based participatory research project as part of her Ph.D. research at Laurier Brantford’s Faculty of Social Work. Over a period of four years, 525 photos, diaries and interviews were collected from 20 migrant women who were given cameras to document their employment and their health experiences. Find out more about Bharati's work here and read her community report here.

Listen to this week's show to hear about Bharati’s work with women in the non-urban Brandt region, the intersectionality analysis of the results, and also the policy and practice implications of Bharati's findings. 

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