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The Changing Faces of HIV/AIDS in Montreal

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July 15, 2014

This week Vivienne interviewed some folks at AIDS Community Care Montreal (ACCM). ACCM is an volunteer-based organization in Montreal that works to enhance the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS, aims to prevent HIV transmission, and strives to promote community awareness and action. Different projects and programs at ACCM include SextEd, Dinner and Discussions, Sexual Health for Street Youth, Sexual Health for Older Adults, Teacher's Toolkit, Buddy Program, My Life with HIV, and Buyer’s Club.

The effects of HIV are not limited to the medical domain, but span across the social too. Since the emergence of the HIV virus over 30 years ago, increasingly sophisticated treatments have brought their own sets of challenges and have dramatically altered the lifestyles of people living with HIV/AIDS.

We were able to speak to two volunteers and two staff members from ACCM. Lindsay became affiliated with the Buddy program in the late 90s and has been instrumental in creating a buddy manual and doing case interviews. Lindsay loves art and was a runner at ArtSIDA, which is one of ACCM’s annual fundraisers. Peter has been a volunteer at ACCM for about a year; Zachary has been the groups facilitator at ACCM since 2013, and Sylvain has been the treatment information facilitator at ACCM since 2012.

Ça Marche is an annual AIDS walk hosted by the Farha Foundation, intended to raise awareness about HIV and raise funds for local AIDS services organizations. Ça Marche is ACCM's largest fundraiser of the year and this year the organization is aiming to raise $30,000. As a not-for-profit organization, ACCM relies heavily on the support of the Montreal community to fund its programs. If you'd like to support ACCM by walking or donating, you can do so at accmontreal.org.  

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