Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Noteworthy News

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Via Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights

October 13 2015

This week's show covered current events relating to health in Montreal, and around the world.

We shared Dr. Joanne Liu's statement on the Kunduz attacks on a Médecins sans frontières hospital, with additional follow-up coverage from MSF. You can find out more and offer your support via #IndependentInvestigation.

Pertaining to the Canadian federal election on October 19th, we also covered leaders' positions on several sexual and reproductive rights' issues, via the Up for Debate campaign. You can watch the original interviews here. If you're looking for more info you can also check out this handy thematic guide from Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights. Don't forget to cast your vote on October 19th!

We also shared some more information about Bill 20, which affects how physicians work in the province of Quebec and access to fertility treatments, among other healthcare-related issues. Find out more here.

On October 10th it was World Mental Health Day, so we shared this letter on global mental health, written by McGill researchers, with our listeners.

You can listen to our show here.

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