Monday, February 29, 2016

Telemedicine: Part 2

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March 1 2016

This week's show is the second half of our journey into telemedicine. Episode one has been broadcasted on February 2nd for those want a refresher. Hope I kept you all interested in exploring more about telemedicine and Paige's research project. It is now time to share the fascinating results and future directions of her project. Then, we will get to know her on a deeper, a little more personal level. Let's start where we left off!

Outer space is vast and some parts are still unreachable by humans. But here back on soil, there are those in rural areas and in the North, who should not be unreachable. We once thought humans could not reach the moon, but with space technology we met our goal. The progress of telemedicine and Paige's project will extend health care and bring service to many more children in Canada. Once again, a huge thank you to Paige Dean, our wonderful student expert and my partner Eric for holding my way through the dark. 

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You can listen to this week's show here.

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