Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Navigating Through the Era of Pseudoscience

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January 10th, 2017

How safe are we from fake science? Is the healthcare sector any safer than the average citizen from this pseudoscientific issue? In fact, when just looking at the media and its effects, it becomes quickly clear which side has the upper hand. How many millions scavenge social media sites, TV channels, news articles, magazines and various websites, on a daily basis? Well in fact, that number has reached far beyond the million mark long ago. It is now well within the billions spectrum. These individuals, many of whom have minimal scientific education, are bombarded with material about thousands of hundreds of pseudoscientific remedies and crazy shams that can cure them in a day or two from the most unforgivable diseases affecting our society today. I mean at that point, who can we really trust? The rapid answer is: ourselves. Our society, as a whole, possesses the necessary tools to unearth all of these charades. All it will really take is action on all of our parts to really peer in and meddle around with the internals so as to clear out all the impurities that have illegally set up residence in the scientific realm.

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