Could North Korea And America Be At War By April?

Harry J. Kazianis, FOX News: Why North Korea and America could be at war by April

Despite some media outlets’ endless fawning over all things North Korea during the Winter Olympics, the catalyst that nearly brought Washington and Pyongyang to war last year—the murderous Kim regime’s quest for nuclear weapons and missiles that can strike the U.S. homeland—is only growing more powerful by the day.

In fact, we seem destined to re-live the tension-filled events of 2017 all over again. Know this: come springtime, the United States and North Korea could very well find itself at war as tensions are set to spike once more.

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WNU Editor: I for one do not believe that there will be a war against North Korea anytime soon. The new sanctions that have been imposed on North Korea will take a year or two to have an impact .... a decision that the White House appears to be committed to. South Korea does not want a war .... and they must be on board if hostilities were to be initiated. But for the moment the South Koreans  are more focused on having talks with North Korea .... which will probably happen by this summer. Military deployments that would be a sign of a U.S. preparation for war (3 U.S. aircraft carriers or more in the region) are not occurring. And while there is concern that the U.S. may act unilaterally .... I have not seen any evidence that the U.S. will do so unless there is a real threat underway (i.e. missiles are being prepped to launch against the U.S).

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