Hezbollah Issues More Threats Against Israeli Offshore Oil & Gas Operations

Times of Israel: Hezbollah issues fresh threat against Israel’s offshore gas rigs

In newly issued pamphlets and video, Lebanese terror group warns it will strike 'whoever abuses oil and gas sites in Lebanon's economic waters'

Hezbollah threatened on Sunday to target Israel’s Mediterranean natural gas rigs in a future conflict, the latest in a string of such threats.

The terror group, which has sought to position itself as Lebanon’s defense against Israel and amid an ongoing dispute over gas-rich offshore economic waters, released a video that showed what appeared to be drilling platforms floating above Israel’s gas fields with targeting sights superimposed on the images.

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Update #1: Hezbollah threatens attacks against Israeli offshore oil & gas operations (VIDEO) (RT)
Update #2: Hezbollah Leader Threatens "We Will Open Fire" On Disputed Israeli Offshore Oil & Gas Operations -- Zero Hedge

WNU Editor: The Israelis and Lebanese are in a dispute over their maritime boundaries, and Hezbollah is making its opinon known. In the meantime the U.S. is trying to mediate this disagreement .... Israeli, US officials meet over gas dispute with Lebanon (Times of Israel/AFP).

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