Is China A Nuclear Threat To The U.S.

Doug Tsuruoka, Asia Times: Is China really threatening the US with nuclear weapons?

Disarmament critics slam US President Donald Trump’s new expansionist nuclear policy.

China, according to the Federation of American Scientists, has 270 warheads in its nuclear arsenal.

The Washington-based research group’s estimate has never been challenged by the Pentagon. It compares with an official tally of 4,480 nuclear warheads for the US. Unlike the American side, China also renounces “first use” of nuclear weapons and holds that its ability to retaliate is sufficient to deter attack.

Why, then, is Beijing’s modernization of its nuclear arsenal — something that Washington is also doing — considered a major security threat requiring a sharp turn in US policy regarding the use of nuclear weapons?

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WNU Editor: I have always found the Chinese view on nuclear weapons to be sensible. Why spend hundreds of billions developing thousands of nuclear weapons when you know that in any nuclear war .... even if China is destroyed .... it would still have enough nuclear missiles to devastate the opposing side.

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