Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- February 19, 2018

A view of the newly developed intercontinental ballistic rocket Hwasong-15's test was released last November by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency. Insults between North Korea's Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Trump inflamed tensions. (Reuters)

CBC: Analysis - What could start the next war? 'Accident, miscalculation, blunder'

There are growing risks of tripping into next war instead of marching into it, say experts

Hawaii's false alarm about an incoming ballistic missile. Israel's downing of an Iranian drone, and the subsequent Syrian downing of an Israeli jet. The U.S, bombing of Russian fighters in Syria.

All happened in 2018, and any could have relatively swiftly sparked a major new confrontation.

An insistent alarm is being raised over the rising probability the world will trip into its next major conflict rather than deliberately march into it.

Miscalculations, accidents, or plain old human error — they're an inevitable consequence of human interaction on the global stage and there are often channels to deal with them to prevent escalation.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- February 19, 2018

South Korea army division to conduct exercises near DMZ -- UPI

Chinese Officials Caused Commotion Over 'Nuclear Football' in Beijing -- News

Bigger, faster, stronger: China’s ever-evolving military tech -- Quartz

China and the military balance -- Sam Roggeveen, The Interpreter

US sends signal to China with aircraft carrier's Asia tour -- Nikkei Asian Review

As China concerns grow, India looks to build military presence in Seychelles -- CNN

Indonesia’s military craves more power -- Asia Times

Russian large amphibious assault ship enters Atlantic -- TASS

WATCH Russia Test Its New Tor-M2DT Arctic Short-Range Air Defense System -- Sputnik

High-Tech Enemy Probably Attacks Russia in 5 Sectors - Russian General Staff -- Sputnik

Russia and Saudi Arabia hash over details of S-400 deliveries deal -- TASS

Israel, US Successfully Test Hetz 3 Exoatmospheric Anti-Missile System -- Sputnik

Iran insists it has ‘no military bases in Syria’ -- Times of Israel

UK Army manpower crisis as just 8,000 people sign up despite 100,000 applying as the 'nightmare' year-long recruitment process is slammed -- Daily Mail

Super Hornet Will Compete In Canada's Fighter Contest As US Navy Funds Conformal Fuel Tanks -- Warzone/The Drive

Germany's Bundeswehr 'lacks basic equipment' for NATO mission -- DW

Germany Fails to Fulfill NATO Rapid Response Force Requirements - Reports -- Sputnik

The F-35 for Germany -- RCD

Can the German Navy Be Saved? -- John Beckner & Helmoed Heitman, RCD

Two U.S. Guided-missile Destroyers Now Operating in the Black Sea -- USNI News

The F/A-18 Super Hornet Is About to Fly Farther Than Ever Before -- Popular Mechanics

SOUTHCOM Tidd Wants More Surveillance, Coast Guard Cutters to Stem Illegal Trafficking -- USNI News

The Army is equipping tanks with a high-tech protective system it's been working on for decades as it prepares for a great-power war -- Business Insider

US Wary of Russian and Chinese Antisatellite Weaponry -- Sputnik

The Air Force requested $30M to develop a ‘cyber carrier’ -- Fifth Domain

The USA is no longer guaranteed future military technology dominance -- Next Big Future

Lockheed Martin Accuses Air Force Of Making A Data Grab -- Loren Thompson, Forbes

Artificial intelligence poses questions for nature of war: Mattis -- AFP

The military, flush with cash, is asking lawmakers for more time to spend it all -- Washington Examiner

Putting the Pentagon’s Pennies in Perspective -- Ben Freeman, Defense One

6 Myths About the CIA -- History News Network

Foreign Disinformation is a Threat to Military Readiness, Too -- Matthew Krull, Defense One

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