Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- February 22, 2018

A Chengdu J-10 fighter jet attached to an aviation brigade of the air force under the People’s Liberation Army Western Theater Command taxies on the runway during an aerial combat training exercise in western China on February 13. Chen Qingshun/China Military Online

Newsweek: China Shows Off Air Force in Direct Challenge to India Military Power in Asia

The Chinese military has published photos of recent air force drills that at least one expert quoted in ruling party media identified Tuesday as a direct message to neighboring India.

Tensions between the two Asian powers have once again risen after they threatened to come to blows over a border dispute last summer. Officials have swapped provocative words in recent months, reigniting a potential crisis as rhetoric turned into military preparations. In the latest move, China’s armed forces, known as the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), published Friday rare images of Chengdu J-10 and Shenyang J-11 fighter jets landing in Tibet, the western region that borders India, after exercises that Chinese military expert and commentator Song Zhongping linked to recent escalations.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- February 22, 2018

U.S. Warns 'Significant Transactions' With Russian Military Could Face Sanctions -- RFE

Russian defense manufacturer to wrap up initial tests for T-14 Armata tank in 2018 -- TASS

Russia’s new high-speed combat helicopter prototype to perform debut flight in 2019 -- TASS

Fight Against Terrorism: The Other Side of Russian Intelligence Agencies’ Work -- Sputnik

Kremlin ally behind Russia troll farm tied to mercenaries in Syria: report -- The Hill

Iran has 10 military bases in Syria, two near Israel border — analyst -- Times of Israel

Turkey to develop unmanned tanks, president say -- Defense News

South Korea Upgrades KF-16 Fighter Jets -- Franz-Stefan Gady, The Diplomat

China to US: Don't use us as an excuse to alter your nuclear strategy -- Defense News

Ready for war with Russia? UK defense chief could restructure entire army over ‘state threat’ -- RT

Denmark Vamps Up Navy, Prepares to Hunt Submarines -- Sputnik

Finland's Getting Ice-Breaking Missile Corvettes With Serious Air Defense Abilities -- The Warzone/The Drive

Sweden Eyes Massive $22Bln Budget Hike to Create 'Formidable' Defense -- Sputnik

Raytheon to overhaul Canada's anti-ship Phalanx system -- UPI

Small drones in the Middle East have become a $330 million problem -- C4IRSNet

US Army fast-tracks new equipment for military advisers deploying to Afghanistan -- Army Times

Navy Accelerates New Nuclear Armed Columbia-Class Submarine -- Warrior Maven

US Navy Extends Service for PC Boats into Mid-2020s & Expands Mission -- Warrior Maven

US Air Force eyes self-protection systems for aging tankers, airlifters -- Defense News

For B-1s and B-2s, Fending Off Retirement in Reserves Would Be Pricey -- DoD Buzz/

The Air Force Is Missing Its Best Opportunity to Replace Aging Aircraft -- Loren Thompson, RCD

When hell freezes over: How the Corps plans to win a cold weather fight in Russia or North Korea -- Marine Times

Army to Spend $1.6 Billion Improving Cold War Air Defense Missile -- DoD Buzz/

US Army’s imaging satellite up and running, but its future is TBD -- Space News

The Pentagon Wants Your Help Analyzing Satellite Images -- Wired

Mattis Upguns Infantry: Task Force To Invest Over $1B -- Breaking Defense

Budget chairman pushes Mattis on Pentagon audit -- The Hill

Clean up the books or risk funding cuts, budget chair warns Pentagon -- Politico

'Different spanks for different ranks': Lawmaker questions lack of courts-martial for Air Force generals -- Air Force Times

Mattis faces deadline today on the military’s transgender policy -- Military Times

Second submarine welcoming enlisted female crew members -- Navy Times

Mattis’ Pet Peeve: Calling Drones 'Unmanned Aerial Vehicles' -- Defense Tech/

Pentagon weighing McMaster’s return to military: report -- The Hill

Nuclear Posture Review Weakens Deterrence -- Dave Adams, RCD

Pentagon's New Nuclear Strategy Is Unsustainable And A Handout To Defense Industry -- The Warzone/The Drive

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