More Details Emerge On What Happened To President Trump's Nuclear Football When He Was In China

The Warzone/The Drive: Confusion Surrounds Confrontation With Nuclear Football During Trump's Beijing Visit

The US Secret Service says no one got "tackled," but has not denied that an incident occurred while Trump was in China in November 2017.

A new report has surfaced suggesting that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and an unnamed member of the U.S. Secret Service got into a physical altercation with Chinese security personnel over the so-called “nuclear football," a secure communications device inside an aluminum Zero Halliburton briefcase that enables the president of the United States to order a nuclear strike from virtually any location in a time of crisis. The Secret Service has denied that anyone got "tackled" during the alleged dispute, which may have occurred during President Donald Trump's visit to China in 2017, but has not said outright that the incident did not happen at all.

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Previous Post: Chinese Security Officials Tried To Block President Trump's 'Nuclear Football' When He And His Team Visited Beijing's Great Hall Of The People In November (February 19, 2018).

WNU Editor: So no one got tackled .... but you still have to wonder if the Chinese did this on purpose.

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