One Of These Ships Will Be The U.S. Navy's Next Frigate

Austal's FFG(X) design is based on their Independence class Littoral Combat Ship. Austral

The Warzone/The Drive: One Of These Five Ships Will Become The U.S. Navy's Next Frigate

The FFG(X) program is well underway as the Navy selects five vendors to fully conceptualize their designs before making a final pick in 2019.

The Navy has moved forward with funding five potential designs that could fulfill its future guided missile frigate FFG(X) requirement. At least 20 of these vessels will be built, and as we have discussed in detail before, the project is among the Navy's most important initiatives. Fielding a highly capable surface combatant that can pick up many missions currently being conducted by over-tasked and far more expensive destroyers will be essential to providing a more flexible and sustainable fleet in the decades to come.

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WNU Editor: The U.S. Navy does need a smaller warship for some missions. This is a good start.

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