Report: US. Planning Cyber Attacks On North Korea

North Korea and its leader Kim Jong-Un are 'ready for both dialogue and war', according to new comments released via the state-run Korean Central News Agency, as news emerges that the US is considering cyber attacks on the country Credit: KCNA VIA KNS/AFP

The Telegraph: US preparing 'bloody nose' cyber attacks on North Korea

The United States is drawing up plans for cyber attacks on North Korea in an effort to bring the regime of Kim Jong-Un to heel, according to intelligence sources, as Pyongyang says it is ready for "both dialogue and war" as the Winter Olympics draws to a close.

Washington's potential plans for a series of "bloody nose" attacks on targets in North Korea, as revealed by The Telegraph, could focus on digital rather than conventional warfare, sources have suggested.

A cyber assault could cripple Pyongyang's online communications and ability to control its military, causing huge disruption but avoiding the loss of life. It may also assuage concerns that a conventional attack against missile sites or nuclear facilities by the US could trigger a massive counter-strike by Kim Jong-Un.

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WNU Editor:  My guess is that if North Korea resumes missile and nuclear testing, these measures will then be used.

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