Syrian Forces Launch Major Attack On Rebel-Held Damascus Suburbs. 150 Killed In 48 Hours

The violence in eastern Ghouta is part of a wider escalation in warfare on several fronts in Syria in recent months as President Bashar al-Assad pushes to end the seven-year rebellion against him

Al Jazeera: Syrian forces continue bloody offensive in East Ghouta

Residents describe 'catastrophic' scenes as bombardment by regime forces kills over 150 people in the last 48 hours.

Residents from Eastern Ghouta say the incessant shelling of the besieged, rebel-held area has been "crazy and catastrophic", as Syrian regime forces have continued their bombardment, killing more than 150 civilians in the last 48 hours.

"From yesterday until this very moment, we've witnessed all kinds of shelling in our neighbourhood," Shams, a mother of two children, told Al Jazeera on Tuesday from Eastern Ghouta.

"Warplanes have not stopped soaring over the city. When the shelling temporarily stops, they start firing missiles at us," she said.

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