This Is How U.S. Airman Train To Load Weapons Onto A Stealth Bomber

The Warzone/The Drive: This Giant B-2 Replica Is How Airman Train To Load Weapons Onto A Stealth Bomber

It's the largest contraption of its kind and is key in teaching ground crews how to load the B-2 up with some of the deadliest weapons on earth.

The B-2 Spirit can pack one hell of a punch. In addition to B-61 and B-83 nuclear bombs, it can carry as many as 80 independently targetable 500lb Joint Direct Attack Munitions or a pair of 33,000lb GBU-57 Massive Ordnance Penetrators, and a ton of other weapon types as well. When the B-2 goes on an actual mission, it usually carries a big load, and often times it lugs that load halfway around the world. Suffice it to say, loading up the jet safely and accurately with all those explosives is a serious task that requires constant training, especially considering that a nick to the stealth bomber's delicate radar absorbent skin can end a critical mission before it even starts.

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WNU Editor: It figures that they would first train on a replica before doing the real thing.

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