Turkey Warns Syria To Not Aid The Kurds In The Afrin Region, And Has Started Shelling Approaching Syrian Forces

BBC: Syria war: Pro-government forces enter Kurdish-held Afrin

Syrian pro-government forces have entered the Kurdish-held area of Afrin to confront what state media called "aggression by the Turkish regime".

The government was asked to send forces by a Kurdish militia that has been trying to repel an offensive by Turkish troops and allied Syrian rebels.

Photos showed "Popular Forces" fighters passing through a checkpoint in armoured vehicles and pick-up trucks.

Shortly afterwards, Turkish forces reportedly shelled the area.

Turkey had threatened to confront government forces if they intervened.

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WNU Editor: The battle is about to intensify between Turkey and Kurd-Syrian forces in the Afrin region of northern Syria .... Pro-Syrian government forces enter Afrin to aid Kurds against Turkey (Reuters). The Turkish offensive also appears to be slowing down .... Turkey's Syria offensive enters 2nd month with slow progress (AFP).

Update: Maybe the Syrian forces are not entering the Afrin region to assist the Kurds .... Syrian Troops Retreat from Kurdish Enclave of Afrin (VOA).

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