U.S. Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson Is Interviewed By 60 Minutes

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. CBS News

CBS 60 Minutes: Rex Tillerson opens up in rare, wide-ranging interview

The normally private Secretary of State talks with 60 Minutes about his life, his relationship with the President, and his efforts to bring North Korea to the bargaining table

Rex Tillerson admits he was an unconventional choice for secretary of state. He had no prior government experience, but as CEO of Exxon-Mobil, he had crisscrossed the globe striking deals with foreign leaders. Secretary Tillerson - a man who still considers himself a Boy Scout and follows what he calls "the Code of the West" - is fiercely private and has shied away from interviews. But he agreed to do a rare, wide-ranging one with us.

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U.S. Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson Is Interviewed By 60 Minutes

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