Venezuela Oppsition To Boycott The Presidential Election On April 22

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro gestures as he speaks during the event launching the new Venezuelan cryptocurrency "petro" in Caracas, Venezuela February 20, 2018. REUTERS/Marco Bello

Reuters: Venezuela opposition to boycott 'fraudulent' presidential vote

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela’s opposition coalition said on Wednesday it could not participate in a “fraudulent, illegitimate” presidential election on April 22 due to unfair conditions created by President Nicolas Maduro’s government.

The announcement by the Democratic Unity movement, which confirmed a Reuters story on Monday, leaves Maduro on track for re-election but is likely to fuel international condemnation of democratic shortcomings in the socialist-ruled OPEC nation.

Maduro’s two strongest opposition rivals are both barred from running against him: Leopoldo Lopez is under house arrest, while Henrique Capriles is prohibited from holding office due to accusations of misconduct when he was a state governor.

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WNU Editor: Venezuela's Maduro is on a different page .... Venezuela's Maduro wants 'mega-election' amid opposition boycott (BBC). In the meantime the misery in Venezuela continues .... Venezuelans report big weight losses in 2017 as hunger hits (Reuters).

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