War. War Never Changes. Except When It Does

U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis says artificial intelligence could change the nature of warfare in a way unseen in human history. (DoD/Kathryn E. Holm)

C4ISRNet: AI makes Mattis question ‘fundamental’ beliefs about war

WASHINGTON – Over the years, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis has cultivated a reputation for deep thinking about the nature of warfare. And during that time, he has come to a few conclusions about what he calls the “fundamental” nature of combat.

“It’s equipment, technology, courage, competence, integration of capabilities, fear, cowardice — all these things mixed together into a very fundamentally unpredictable fundamental nature of war,” Mattis explained Feb. 17. “The fundamental nature of war is almost like H20, ok? You know what it is.”

Except, that might not be true anymore.

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WNU Editor: The impact that artificial intelligence platforms may have on the nature of conflict and war has in the past resided in movies like "Terminator" or in TV series like "Person Of Interest". But advancements in computer hardware and in software is now raising the prospect that what was once science fiction may in time become very real. As to my own point of view .... I see developments accelerating, and I can easily foresee a day when many of these weapons platforms will be fully automated and functioning according to the software that they have been programed with. Will they work in cooperation with human soldiers .... or independent .... or both .... I do not know. But I do know that regardless on what happens, the nature of war is going to change dramatically.

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