What Is The Internet Research Agency? And Did The Mueller Counsel Indict Some Employees Who Have Not Worked At The Company For Years?

Here is the St. Petersburg's Internet Research Agency (IRA) (Twitter)

Krishnadev Calamur, The Atlantic: What Is the Internet Research Agency?

The origin of the Russian “troll farm” that allegedly targeted America’s 2016 presidential election.

The Internet Research Agency is a Russian troll farm in St. Petersburg—in essence a Kremlin-backed enterprise staffed with hundreds of people whose main job is to sow disinformation on the internet. The organization, which serves as a propaganda arm for Russian President Vladimir Putin, is at the heart of the indictments handed down Friday by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The indictment alleges that IRA officials began targeting the United States in 2014 and continued until the November 2016 election that saw the election of President Trump. (The indictment does not allege collusion between these individuals and the Trump campaign.) The IRA, which is based in St. Petersburg, is funded by Evgeny Prigozhin, a Russian oligarch who is close to the Kremlin. He was among 13 people indicted Friday.

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Update #1: What Mueller’s Indictment Reveals About Russia’s Internet Research Agency (Adrian Chen, The New Yorker)
Update #2: What We Know About How Russia’s Internet Research Agency Meddled in the 2016 Election (April Glaser, Slate)

WNU Editor: The Russian journalists who originally uncovered this Russian "troll factory" and reported on it in Russian media last year are confounded by the Mueller indictments .... The Russian journalist who helped uncover election interference is confounded by the Mueller indictments (Washington Post). Their original reporting can be read here (it is in Russian) .... How the "troll factory" worked in the US elections (RBC). What caught my attention from this Washington Post story is the part where these Russian reporters point out that some of the 13 who were indicted by the Mueller Counsel have not worked at the company for years?!?!?! If true, I would like to know why these people have been indicted, because the Mueller indictment claims the opposite. Also .... these Russian reporters have not been approached by anyone from the Mueller team .... which is strange because they are the ones who first broke the story, and they know more about this company and its employees than probably anyone else.

Update #3: Hmmmm .... Facebook VP: "The Majority Of Russian Ad Spend Happened AFTER The Election" (Zero Hedge).

Update $4: After Mueller’s Indictments, an Interview With a Mole Who Was Inside Russia’s Pro-Trump Troll Factory (Anna Nemtsova, Daily Beast).

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