What To Do With Captured IS Foreign Fighters?

Iraqi special forces intelligence agents check men's IDs in the search for Islamic State fighters in Mosul, Iraq on Nov. 27. Credit: Goran Tomasevic/Reuters

Rikar Hussein & Nisan Ahmado, VOA: Western Countries’ Dilemma: What to Do With Captured IS Foreign Fighters?

WASHINGTON — The United States and its European allies are divided over the question of what to do with hundreds of Islamic State (IS) foreign fighters who were captured on the battlefields in Syria and Iraq.

While an agreement on how to handle the issue has yet to be made, experts warn of unprecedented challenges as some countries refuse to accept these fighters back into their home countries or are unprepared to deal with them in their criminal justice systems.

The U.S position is that jihadists ought to be tried in their home countries. But the United Kingdom and France have been reluctant to agree to such an arrangement.

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WNU Editor:  Some .... if not most of them .... have committed unspeakable crimes. I would definitely not favor having them return to my country.

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